What is an Awareness/National Day?

An Awareness/National Day refers to a day typically set up by an organisation, to mark an occasion or place importance on a particular cause. If you have viewed one of the many lists online, you will know that there is something for pretty much every day of the year.  Some are very light-hearted with a true novelty factor, but some do carry an important message and support incredible worthy causes or dates of significance. Awareness Days have become very popular across the world on social media, often becoming a trending topic.  This presents a fantastic opportunity to get involved and reach an audience.

The Awareness Day we love the most is International Women’s Day on March 8th which we celebrate by hosting the INSPIRE Conference & Awards

It can sometimes feel that there is an Awareness Day for absolutely everything and the social channels are flooded with irrelevant and meaningless content.

That doesn’t mean that Awareness Days aren’t still a useful Marketing tool for small businesses, because they are.  YOU are the story, but the actual day might not be.  Your activity to mark the day is more relevant.

A report published in 2018 by a Research and Communications Agency, reveals interesting statistics of the demographics of social media users in the UK and US. The report shows that Facebook dominates: 61% of UK and 66% of US online adults use Facebook daily. It is no surprise why businesses are increasingly trying to maximise their online presence and looking at ways in which to create content.

There are a whole host of Awareness Days relevant to just about every type of industry. There are also some lovely days like ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’; which is a lovely excuse to reward your customers for their loyalty.

Try not to roll out irrelevant content to an Awareness Day.  Be creative in your thinking and figure out how relevant and interesting it could be to your business and most importantly YOUR customers.  Or add some extra value that your customers might benefit from.

For example, you could tweak Black Friday so it’s themed and relevant to your business.  Such as Gift Friday if you sell gift products.  Or you could do some homework and publish some top tips and statistics for your audience about the day.

Plan ahead and choose which Awareness Days fit your overall strategy.  Select the dates which have the most SYNERGY with your brand.  There will be many that relate to your niche or might be of interest to your audience.  It doesn’t always have to be directly about the product or service you sell.  Be creative, think of a spin-off as to how you can use the content.  Brainstorm some ideas.

Plan your social media schedule well in advance for each Awareness Day.  Schedule on your social channels so that you are ready to engage on the day.

One of the most important things is to use the hashtag relevant to each Awareness Day.  Be creative with your tweets! Consider how you might be able to use images or videos.  For example, I posted a very simple animated tweet on #SmallBusinessSaturday.  It gained 6500 views, 294 Retweets and 322 Likes.  This was a twitter record for me!

Make sure you include your visual brand and include your logo and website too.  If your content is shared, it’s important to include your brand.

Remember to use analytic tools for your social channels.  It will help you to understand what type of content is really working for your audience and when they are reading them.  Ultimately, you want to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!

If you want to use Awareness Days to help you create content for your business, we have put together a handy digital Awareness Days calendar.  The calendar includes hashtags, detailing the key dates in 2019 to help you plan your content strategy and activities for the year ahead.  Get involved and let us know how you get on!



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