When things get tough, the tough get going. There is no doubting that pithy sayings and quotes can be inspirational—but why? What is it in a few words that picks us up, dusts us down and encourages us to keep on going?

From Thomas Edison to Reverent Martin Luther King, influential people have been looked up to since time immemorial for advice on what to do when life’s roses are starting to wilt.


The science behind an inspirational quote isn’t just that it’s so easily quotable through the pen of a great writer or the voice of a great orator. It’s a mixture of psychology, knowledge and experienced combined with a dash of self-selection on the listener’s part.

After all, you’re far more likely to listen to inspirational quotes from someone you admire than someone you don’t. Part of the success of a motivational quote also lies in the fact that many women find simple phrases and sayings to resonate deep inside them, giving them strength after a long, difficult day.


Believing in your own achievements is a powerful motivator, and hearing quotes from people faced with insurmountable struggles, such as Nelson Mandela, gives us a psychological boost that we can succeed, too.

Even quotes from over 4000 years ago can inspire, as the ghosts of Romans long dead share timeless motivation to get things done in a very modern world: take ubi Concordia, ibi Victoria—where there is unity, there is victory. This saying will remain true for as long as humanity exists—and it is inspirational for that fact alone, reminding us that working with others can and will take us far.


The Business Girls Network is holding a #morethanquotes competition in association with Lisa Long our ambassador from More Than Words. We want to hear some of your very best quotes as masters of the small business journey. What has inspired you and given you strength to carry on?

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