Welcome to our new blog!  This area of the website is dedicated to news and views, giving us a chance to air topical issues and update you on events etc.  We will also be featuring guest bloggers from our members network and supporters.

1. Read more books2. Get a new hobby3. Try rock climbing4. Be more creative(1)

If you have things you’d like to talk about in our blog area, you can contact us here. We can’t guarantee they will be included, however we do hope to include most submissions and will let you know if we have not been able to use your blog pieces for any reason.  We would also like to hear from you if you have some exciting news to share, an inspiring story or generally just some great business advice.  Maybe you have a funny story or even your favourite inspirational quote you would like to share.  Please get in touch!

My vision for the new blog is that it tells a story and is not just broadcasting information.  Please have a read of the all the blog posts so far which do share a bit of the evolution of the Business Girls and indeed our story!

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