Tanya Ces Maneiro from Vida Coaching joined us at the January Meet Up as the Business Girl Spotlight of the Month.  She gave us a very insightful talk on the very hot topic of work/life balance, something we all struggle with as small business owners! To find out a bit more about Tanya and her business, read on…….

Tell us about your business and when and why you set it up?

My business is called Vida Coaching and I help people to find a job they love and a better balance in their lives.

I’ve always loved helping people which was the main reason I chose to work in HR and Training for over 10 years. However, it’s only since I became a career and work-life balance coach in November 2015 that I feel completely fulfilled and passionate about my work. I’ve been in jobs that I haven’t enjoyed and I know the impact that can have. I feel so grateful that I have found a career where I can build on my past work experience and help people to achieve their goals, whilst working flexibly around my family. I have found my ideal career, and a balance in my life that works for both me and my family, and I want to use my experience to help others do the same.

What words of wisdom can you give to another Business Girl that is just starting out?

A lot of people will give you a lot of advice, some of it good, some not so good. Try not to become overwhelmed and trust your instincts. Yes, you’ll make mistakes, but that’s the best way to learn, so dust yourself off and try again!

How do you achieve work-life balance?

With difficulty! I have a young daughter, a husband who is in a busy job and I own my own business. However, one of the reasons I started the business was to have a good work-life balance, so if I ever feel the balance going I remind myself of that. I also ensure I set small, achievable goals, put action plans in place to achieve those goals and am really organised!

 What has been the most memorable moment in your business journey so far?

Wow, that’s a hard one, there have been so many memorable moments. One of them was definitely getting my first client. They found me through my website so it felt like all the hard work in building it had been worthwhile and that actually this ‘owning my own business thing’ could work!

What are your plans for your business in the future?

To continue to provide the best service possible and to grow my client base so that I have a successful and sustainable coaching business.

Tell us one fact about you that we might not know about? (could be something silly like your favourite food, a silly thing you like to do!)

I love the theatre and once performed at the Edinburgh festival.

Who inspires you the most?

My 5 year old daughter – she is the wisest person I know.

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