Even the most independent, strong woman needs to be around her tribe. It is written into our genes as a social animal. Whether doggedly pursing a dream or celebrating a success, the people around us are the greatest support network we have.  Each individual you encounter on your journey is there for a reason, and each person helps to colour your story with vibrancy and inspiration.  They also help us to learn things about ourselves and others.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

You might have heard the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe”. As like attracts like, your tribe will be filled with people who you effortlessly mingle with and get.

The phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” captures the truth that you draw in certain people depending on your attitude, personality, and energy. The most certain way to attract the right people to your tribe is by being 100% completely and authentically you. The people drawn to you will share that same type of energy, and they will be prepared to stand beside you as your number one fans. These people will be the thinkers, the dreamers, the doers, the believers, those who are uplifting in all that they do. They will inspire you and challenge you and not feel threatened by your confidence, courage, creativity, or success.

So what is a “tribe”? Your tribe are your people. The ones who encourage you to unlock your full potential, who act as your support system through the ups and downs, and who believe in you.

It’s not just about having a tribe: it is also about knowing who definitely isn’t in your tribe. In life, you’ll always meet people who you simply don’t like. Whether that’s a gut reaction or a lingering sense that they treat your successes with jealousy and failures with glee, knowing who these people are keeps you insulated from their negative energy.

Life is short. Do big things.

Instead, focus on people who don’t make you feel like this. Your tribe is a vital support network that wants only the best for you as a part of the tribe—and as a member yourself, seeing other tribe members succeed will make you sing with joy, too!

If you feel like you’re going it alone, remember that you really aren’t! Take some time out to think about who is in your tribe and who isn’t. Traveling light might get you to the destination quicker—but traveling with others can take you even further.

What’s your vibe, and who is in your tribe? I know mine!

The Business Girls Network is a tribe full of diverse and entrepreneurial spirited women who support each other.  They jump for joy at your successes and are there when the chips are down.  Thank you for being part of such an amazing tribe!

Amanda x

Amanda Ayres

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