There was a time when women in business threw collaboration out of the window, opting instead to elbow competitors out the way in order to get ahead. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Now, start-ups that are successful work with others in collaborative projects that benefit both parties. Sharing customers, advice and even revenue builds trust and ultimately works out for everyone involved.

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So—how do you collaborate as a woman in business? My collaboration style is built on trust and meaningful partnerships. Trust is the glue that builds a great working relationships, and a relationship built on it will be far stronger than a relationship without trust.

Indeed, you only need to look at personal relationships (such as a mother and their child, or the bond between best friends) to see how important trust can be in business.

By sharing ideas and even inspiration, businesses can grow through simple collaboration. Humans are naturally inspired to collaborate: in business, sharing personal experiences can often lead to new opportunities. This mentality sees you getting back exactly what you put in.

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Of course, networking is a vital part of this process, and it is important to remember that a solid relationship built on trust doesn’t happen instantly: it requires nurturing from strategic collaboration. Whether you’re building a personal brand or growing a business, it’s going to take time.

Ultimately, trust and collaboration are two ingredients for successful business that celebrates the strengths of the individual, allowing people to shine in the areas they are most skilled at—and trusting that together, everyone can move forward.


Remember, trust requires both parties to work, and to an extent, natural chemistry. Mixing chalk and cheese personalities doesn’t always work, so it’s important to remember that both people or businesses involved in the collaboration need to work to develop mutual trust.

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