The February meet up was an excellent example of how amazing the Business Girls community is turning out to be.

Some people are hesitant about walking into a room full of people they don’t know and striking up a conservation. The Business Girls Network is different in that manner because the Facebook group allows you to do just that without feeling the usual social barriers. You will find that everyone is friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful.


This month’s meetup was full of Marketing ideas and a taster from Jodie on the importance of using visuals and photos for online marketing.

Jodie’s warm personality and instinctive eye for detail shone through whilst she spoke.  It was good to see how simple it is to get better quality images using a smartphone even though some of us are technophobes when it comes to using them.  Jodie’s enthusiasm and simple explanation of those apps/websites made us wish we could run home right then and sign up for all those wonderful services. And I am sure many of us did!

Ladies also left with the feeling that it was possible to upscale their photos and visuals to benefit their businesses brand and image. Thank you, Jodie!


Jodie and I first met at the Birthday meetup last year after months of communicating on Facebook and email.

I am always impressed with how Jodie manages to juggle a toddler and a baby and continue to be such an active part of the Maidenhead Business Girls group. Not to mention working on her blog Maidenhead Mum and snapping photos in Maidenhead whenever she can.


I had several emails after the meet up and one in particular said, ‘I felt uplifted and so full of ideas’.  Business Girls are more than willing to share their experiences to support each other, no matter what stage of the business journey they’re on.

Another lady said,

I’m going to try to make it to every meetup from now on – the sense of connection I found was incredible. It gave me such a boost to know that I’m joining a whole community of women locally, who are setting up and trying to navigate their way to success with a passion for what they do. Tt was so refreshing and very different from other networking groups I have been to’.



This is exactly what you will find at our meetups! Whether you are at the early stages of pursuing your passion or want to feel part of a community, you will find like-minded women who give you the confidence and support you need. Yes, it is possible! We have proven it is.

To quote another feedback –

‘This is the only networking event I have been able to relax at, knowing I can’t say the wrong thing. I always felt anxious attending other events. There was a real mix of experience in the room and I didn’t feel stupid.  It was a place of support, passion, growth and fun – a wonderful and very rare combination!’



Emma from Teasel and Twine brought along some absolutely beautiful arrangements of flowers, which looked just as irresistibly gorgeous as her name suggests!


We also had Helena encouraging us to jump out of our seats and stretch! Rather unexpected but lots of fun! She has since told me that she has received some emails saying they have taken her advice on board and are stretching a lot more! Helena said some lovely, kind words about the value of our network which you can read more about by clicking HERE.


Maxine, a pole dancer extraordinaire joined us and I have to say the first time we have had a pole dancer at our meetup and it was amazing! There was much buzz and excitement in the room. Sadly, no demonstrations this time, but she has agreed to put on a special class just for Business Girls to have a try. If you are interested please let me know.

The Marketing Q & A provoked some fabulous questions. Huge thanks to Sophie, Jodie and Claire for joining me. Marketing is a very hot topic and I am considering doing more of these sessions soon.



It is incredibly gratifying to learn that the efforts you put into something you care about deeply, have been well-received and, more importantly, have helped others like you in achieving what they care about deeply.

Read these amazing experiences our wonderful participants shared with us after attending the February meetup. A big thank you to all who took the time to leave their feedback.

“Thank you again Amanda for arranging a fun and interesting meeting.”

“Really enjoyed the meeting and listening to all the amazing talent in the room.”

“I would love to attend more and will look at the training you mentioned too.”

“I met a lot of like minded people who didn’t mind sharing information and helping me out.”

The next meet up is a very exciting one as its International Women’s Day and our Birthday.  There will be cake by Hardip from Perfect Lovely Cakes too! Please come and join us.   You can book in HERE.

Read the Top 3 Marketing Excuses HERE.

For all other events please click HERE.

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