We had a fantastic line-up of award winners at INSPIRE Conference and Awards 2019 on International Women’s Day earlier this year.  The most coveted award is the ‘Business Girl of the Year’ which was awarded to Sophie Comas from Rimu Marketing.  The sponsor of this award was Caroline from Maidenhead Podiatry who presented the award to Sophie. Sophie is an experienced and talented Marketeer and marked her 5th business birthday recently.  Sophie is also a huge supporter of the biz girls community and a much-respected member.  Congratulations Sophie! I interviewed Sophie recently.  Here’s what she has to say……..

Tell us about Rimu Marketing…..

At Rimu Marketing we help small businesses to connect with their target audience, by using all tools across the marketing mix.  Think of us as your “virtual marketing team”, we work with carefully selected marketing associates, all experts within our field who are passionate about helping small businesses to flourish through successful marketing solutions.  Whilst we work with a broad mix of businesses we specialise in helping sports, leisure and lifestyle organisations from Boutique Hotels, Coaches, Interior Designers to even a Canine Massage Therapist.  We work with clients to write their marketing strategy; review and rebuild their websites; manage and deploy email marketing campaigns; review and plan social media; plan and write content plus much more.  If you have a marketing challenge, we would love to hear from you.

You were recently voted as the ‘Business Girl of the Year’ at INSPIRE Conference & Awards 2019’ – what did this mean to you?

This is an amazing achievement, I am absolutely delighted!

What inspired you to start your business?

Simply my family.  My story is similar to many, I had a great job in the corporate world which I enjoyed but post having my second son it did not seem to work so well.  I was lucky enough to be made redundant, I started to consider what might happen next, I knew I wanted to be around to see them grow up so thought I would give working for myself a try.  Here I am 5 years later.

What advice would you give to new business owners just getting started?

I actually wrote a blog around this in celebration for our 4th birthday.  My advice to any new business owner would be – when you set up your business not only will you need to be an expert at what you do but also be accounts, HR, marketing and all other functions needed to run a business.  As soon as you can seek support in the areas where you are not so strong it is worth it.  Keep going.  Yes, it can be tough but on those days if you can push through by taking a break, meet a friend for a coffee or something that gives you energy it will all be worth it.  Finally, build a team around you to help you.  This for me is where the Business Girls has really helped, there is always someone who knows the answer to your question so being part of a community like this is great support – they are my virtual team.

Can you give us one top tip on balancing running a business with being a parent?

I find it a continual balancing act and I don’t always get in right.  Try where possible to block out time for yourself to do something you love which gives you energy and makes you happy.  With this in mind, I am going riding at the weekend with my son!

What three things do you think are the most important when running a business?

Effective Time Management.  Getting enough sleep.  Enjoy what you do – your passion needs to shine through.

What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

This year has been an amazing one for Rimu Marketing, the first quarter, in particular, the team is growing, we celebrated our 5th birthday with a charity fundraising event for Smart Works Reading and of course, I was nominated Business Girl of the Year – these combined have to be my business highlights so far.

What’s your top Marketing tip for any business owner?

Take time to review and understand your target audience.  Once you know who they are or who you wish them to be and understand what makes them tick it underpins all of your marketing decisions, it becomes easier to be more focused and targeted with your messaging, creative and media choices.

 What do your clients say is the best thing about working with you?

This is an interesting question, just reading through some of my testimonials words which came out were: Professional, knowledgeable, creative, full of great ideas, great attention to detail as well as a clear strategic approach and took the time to understand my business needs.

Is there a special offer you would like to include for biz girl readers?

Yes, thank you.  We have a 9-module online programme to help small businesses to kick start their marketing.  Each module is accompanied by a video from me with hints, tips and tools to help get you started, plus you have a chance to join our fortnightly webinar to ask any questions you might have.  Usually £149.00 I am offering £20 off anyone who signs up by 31 August 2019.  Just quote “BizGirls” at the check-out.

What do you get out of being a biz girls member?

I have been a Business Girls member since the beginning, in many ways we have had a parallel journey.  There have been lots of great things which have gained from the group, including business, but probably the best thing for me has been the friendships and collaborations I have made.

 Share a fun fact about you!

Ibiza is one of my favourite places on the planet!

Thanks so much, Sophie and congratulations again on being crowned ‘Business Girl of the Year’ 2019!

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