Easter is fast approaching and it’s the second largest holiday season in the calendar.  There are lots of ways to generate some pretty cool social media content ideas and get them into your content calendar.  Most people are thinking about fluffy white Easter bunnies, bank holidays and cooking that all-important Easter lunch.  You can also think about some of the popular Easter trends and how you can take advantage of this on your social channels.

After Christmas, Easter is one of the biggest seasons when the larger brands go head-to-head to catch their competitors customers.  This doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t get involved too.  Any type of campaign whether it’s Easter or not builds brand awareness and engages customers.  For instance, I’m currently running an #instabizgirls 30-day FREE challenge over on Instagram.  This is the 2nd year I have done this and it has gained even more momentum this year.

Here are just a few tips to help you to stand out from the crowd….

Engage, engage, engage!

Easter is a time when people get together.  We will have a house full of people, lots of games, Easter egg hunts, egg decorating as well as plenty of yummy food and of course chocolate! Get your audience involved in what you are doing.  Use hashtags to encourage your audience to share photos, videos and comments.  You could even use a brand-specific hashtag to boost awareness of your products.  Big brands encourage their customers to take photos or videos using a brand-specific hashtag.  Think about what you could do to create a campaign on your own social channels? Don’t forget to use the all-important trending hashtags.  At the time of writing this blog post, there were 20.9 million #Easter posts on Instagram.  A mahoosive number!

The conversations around ‘food’, ‘beverages’ and ‘parties’ spike significantly on Easter day with a high number of conversations around Easter happening a few days before as people plan their shopping for the Easter weekend.

Easter is being considered more and more as a holiday period worth celebrating, so any buzz words relating to Easter will be on everybody’s mind.  Use them!


The holiday seasons are a perfect time to run social competitions.  The simplest competitions are often the best and are easy to see who has entered.

Running an online competition can be a great way to increase the engagement and reach of your social media. You can run a competition on just one platform and cross-promote it on your other channels. Caption competitions are pretty easy and can again add a fun element to your brand.  If your product isn’t very ‘Easter’ then you could dress it up and photo it, or use something like Canva and add a few Easter eggs to the photo. Get creative!

Prizes can be completely up to you depending on your budgets, this can range from an Easter egg to one of your products or services. Just make sure if your prize is specifically related to Easter that you deliver in time.  An Easter related prize after Easter, just won’t cut it!

Hold a ‘Guess the number of eggs’ competition – This is another fun way to generate engagement and reach, and therefore brand awareness. Can you use your product to hide away lots of mini eggs and then ask your customer to guess how many? Make the competition entry really easy, e.g. just type the number of eggs in the comments, to encourage easy entry.

Run a virtual Easter egg hunt – Facebook and Instagram would be good platforms to run this on. You could hide eggs in the images you post. Let your audience know that the hunt is on and it will encourage them to come back and regularly check your posts. Do a daily spot the egg prize – the prize could be something cheap and cheerful.  Or you could run an Easter Egg hunt game by dropping hidden eggs on your website.  If people find them all, give them a % off to get them active and engaged.

User-generated competition – This is where you get your customers to generate the content for you. Depending on your business and your products you can vary what the competition will be, examples could be; a selfie with your product in an Easter setting, the worst Easter egg your customer has seen,  their Easter egg haul, their alternative Easter, what Easter means to them, Easter bonnet shots or Easter egg decorating contests. Or the best looking Easter lunch photo? Be creative! It can take a little bit of thought, and entry is a little bit more time consuming for your customers but you could get some great content generated.

Insta-worthy food

Instagram has become the place for people to ‘gram’ their food.  #chocolate has an impressive 68.9 million posts.  People love to take the most aesthetically pleasing photo they can. The hashtags #rhubarb and #artichoke have an impressive 1 million tagged posts between them.  If you are a health and wellbeing or foodie type business, there are countless hashtags that you can use to bump up your posts.  You can still use them, even if you are not! If you are cooking something over the Easter weekend, share what you are up to and use hashtags.

Easter is of course well known for its chocolatey indulgence, but some people are opting for a different way to treat themselves over the Easter break.  The Easter period is a great opportunity for health and wellbeing businesses to really shine.  Offer your audience different ways to spoil themselves without feeling guilty.  This brings me onto the next point……

Alternative celebrations

People are choosing to gift other things at Easter.  It doesn’t always have to be about Easter eggs and chocolate! If you’ve got alternative gifts, this is the perfect time to promote in the run-up to the bank holiday weekend.

Reward your customers

We all love loyal customers.  Rewarding them is a great thing to do over any holiday period to keep them engaged.  Create a simple and clear message that you post on your social channels and also email out to them. You could say…..Cracking Easter Offer.  Get x% off for the Easter weekend only using the code ‘Cracking’. Don’t forget the puns! Everybody loves a pun.

Get seasonal with your look and feel – we do this at Christmas so why not Easter!

Change your cover images and profile images.  Be playful and have some fun with your brand.

Run a Spring clean campaign

This can depend on your products or service but can it be great to run for Easter. A Spring clean can be about clothing, home products, social media audits, business planning, new product launches.  The opportunities are endless! All those Easter chicks and eggs shout about new beginnings!

Show off your silly side

It’s Easter, so it’s ok to show off the crazy cute fluffy animals and chocolate! These two things (especially the fluffy animals) always go down well on the social channels, so show off your brand personality and human side.  People will get involved!


It’s the holiday period, so you may not want to be checking and posting to your social media accounts over the bank holiday weekend, so make sure you schedule your content strategically ahead of time. Check your social channel insights to see when your best times to post are for maximum engagement.

Do your research

Above all, do your research.  Check out which hashtags are going to work for your type of business.  Make sure you know what the popular Easter trending hashtags are.  Be creative.  You can play around to create some different and unique marketing campaigns that will engage your audience and build brand awareness.  Remember, it doesn’t always have to be directly related to your type of business.  Sometimes we get caught up in the materialistic aspects of the holidays and forget what’s really important: being kind and showing love to others and spending time with your family or friends.  There you go…..there’s another idea for you to play with!

Have an egg’cellent time getting creative! Think out of the box – I would love to know what ideas you come up with it!

Amanda x

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