You remember that look on Marissa’s face, when she had just found out she had won the coaching competition with Liz Hayward? Here’s a little update just over half way through on how they are getting on!

This is one of my very favourite moments of the year.  It was so lovely to watch Marissa’s reaction!

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Why did you enter the competition?

I entered the competition because I wanted to grow my business – but with sound business advice so that I know I wouldn’t be heading in the wrong direction and spending time and money on the wrong investments.

You are halfway through the competition, how is it going? Is it what you expected?

It’s going really well. Liz is fantastic. She has such great business sense, because she’s done it all before, but also she works out what the best direction is for you where there will be more opportunities to grow, and find a niche to play to your advantages. I think it’s gone beyond my expectations in that Liz has held me to account to make sure I get things done and move forward in a timely way – as I can sometime procrastinate!

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What difference has it made to you so far?

A big difference in terms of focus and thinking about whether I should say yes to work or not. It’s given me the confidence to think more strategically about whether it’s worth my time doing something, and I think that’s key when you work for yourself – you often find you spend time and energy on stuff that goes nowhere. We’ve been spending time on planning that has great potential.

Next stop is an email campaign, which Liz is guiding me through.

If you were at the extraordinary July meet up, you may well also remember me saying to Marissa ‘Go and smash it’.  Sounds like she is doing just that!

We look forward to hearing more!

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