“I can see the difference in myself, I feel like I can tackle anything.”

Michala had been looking for a job for close to a year and had been to over 70 interviews before she went to Smart Works Reading.  She explains how she went from attending an interview every other day, to securing incredible career prospects at a large catering company.

“I was feeling really negative that nothing was coming out of all of the interviews I was attending – I was being offered lots, but they never turned into a job offer.  Luckily, a friend at the Job Centre told me about Smart Works Reading and they helped me to pinpoint that I had low self-esteem – something I didn’t even realise I had.”

Bouncing back

“When I went to Smart Works Reading I got a really warm welcome, an explanation of what they were going to do and a proper fitting to dress me appropriately for my interview.  When I saw myself in the mirror in my new outfit it was quite overwhelming – I wanted to cry because they’d given me my bright colours back!  During the interview coaching I explained that I am a very happy-go-lucky person by nature so couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t being successful.  What they helped me to see was that the continual knock backs that come with so many unsuccessful job applications had created low self-esteem that showed through in the way I presented myself.”

A new lease of life

Since securing her job in March 2016, Michala has felt ready to take on even greater challenges.  “I now work in marketing and part of my role involves being the PA to a well-known nutritionist, explaining my journey to her has given me the motivation to push myself even further.  In just six months I can already see the difference in myself.  I feel more content, like I can tackle anything, including walking the Great Wall of China for charity – I’ve got a new lease of life!”

Michala will sharing her story alongside Sarah Burns, Founder of Smart Works Reading at the INSPIRE Conference & Awards on March 8th.  We are running a ‘Dressing for Success’ Charity drive at the conference and hope as many of you that attend will donate some items.  For more in on the charity drive click here. Book tickets click here.



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