All the things I wish I had known….by Julie Provino – VeryHR

So there I am, close to my 40s, two amazing kids and a business of my own. There isn’t a day that goes by where I do not thank my lucky stars…I understand my life, know who I am and where I am going and have it all clearly laid out in front of me. In fact, each year I have surprised myself as to how far I have come and all that I have achieved. Now, it is my turn to share my story and share my success with you…so read on.

All came down to a training I underwent about 5 years ago.

I remember it so vividly. I had been working in corporate HR internationally since the 2000 and built a successful career. I was happy and had a really good position, however, I still wasn’t confident enough to be exactly who I wanted to be. I aspired to be one of those women, those that remember to put nail varnish on before leaving the door, had their lives all sorted, with two kids, a husband a beautiful house and a super organised handbag….(the ultimate dream). I chose to enrol on an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) course as it was promising to help me with my confidence, building my emotional intelligence and more importantly bring that confidence out of me.

And oh boy….it gave me that and more.

Leaving the practitioner course was like being part of the matrix. I realised that I was at cause in my life, that I was empowered, that I was worth it and only had me to blame or more importantly praise for all that I could undertake. I had the energy, the drive and the excitement for what was to come. Even my husband noticed a significant change in me. Then a year later, I decided to go for the master program. By then, my first child was born and I was already working part time for my business and had part time in a corporate…I was still playing it safe. In the master program, you look at breaking limitation, changing beliefs about yourself and others that are not useful to you, you basically reprogram yourself to be who you want to be….and I have never looked back since.

I stand here, right now, in front of you confident, happy, at peace with my past and eager to change the world for the better. We all can achieve our dreams. So now I not only have one HR outsourcing business which is seriously thriving, but two additional side programs offering training…and guess what, I am now a certified trainer of NLP myself! I want to share all that I have learned to enable everyone from all walks of life to reach their full potential.

100% of participants have stated that my training has changed their life for the better in one way or another…This is my ultimate reward…Is the time right for you?

Why don’t you come along to a one day certification program or enrol on one of our accredited NLP practitioner courses to find out more. OR you can also give me a call or send an email. As the lead trainer, each training is different and we love it. Contact me directly at and quote Maidenhead Business Girl to enjoy 20% off our training Or simply say hello.

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