While estate agents champion “location, location, location,” businesses hold a flame for “connections, connections, connections.” One thing that all women in business can improve on in business is their networking—and their connections.

The biggest issue for most women in business is simply that there’s not enough time. Networking is great for connecting with new people, but it’s a big time sink… and let’s face it girls, some of us aren’t as comfortable as men at trumpeting our business’ success to others!

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Whether you’re nervous about telling others all about your business, or dread the door-to-door knocking to drum up interest, there’s no doubting that connecting can be hard work. Add some killer ingredients into the mix like being shy, lacking speaking skills, a wardrobe that doesn’t scream “business woman”, sick kids, pets and it all adds up.

Making excuses is easy—I know, because I’m juggling the demands of my business with my family and running a household! Being a woman in business comes with a lot of challenges, and excuses are easy to come by.

Despite this, if you have an internet connection, a phone and business cards, you can network and connect all day long—even in your pjs—without having to worry about being an awkward mess.  This is what we do very well in the Business Girls Facebook groups and I can assure you, at times, I am wearing my pjs!

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Photo Credit: Maidenhead Mum

Unlike other things, networking isn’t just something you can leave to run all by itself. Women in business need to network to find the right connections, and most importantly get the word out about their business. Marketing is one part of the equation—networking is the other.

Additionally, networking is fantastic for idea exchanges, success tips and having a simple support system of a group of peers who understand you completely.  And actually, as simple as it sounds, having a support system is probably more important than anything else.  Maidenhead Business Girls is a fantastic community for both online and offline networking and supports women every single day.   It can get lonely sometimes, let’s make it warmer! Come and join us!

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