In October this year, Maidenhead Business Girls ran a competition to win the Ultimate Confidence Coaching package, in partnership with Confidence and Public Speaking Coach, Karen Jay Hewitt.  Fast forward a month or so, and Kate has participated in three one and a half hour Confidence Coaching sessions, plus a day’s training in Self-Hypnosis.  So how did she get on?  In this interview with Kate, Maidenhead Business Girls ask some probing questions to find out:

What made you enter this competition, Kate?

I have always struggled with a mix of strong inner confidence but poor outer confidence- be that public speaking or gaining the trust of potential new clients.

Like most of us at MGB, I regularly find myself pitching for new work and these confidence issues are always there niggling in the background. The competition came at a really good time for me as I’ve had a tough year and decided that focussing on the growth of my business is a positive thing for me to do.

What did you get out of the prize?

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all (except that I would be facing my fears which was quite scary!). Karen offered 3 one-to-one sessions as well as a day introducing self hypnosis and the combination of these really worked well together. I took on board that our brains take on ‘learned behaviour’ but that we can retrain ourselves with positive affirmation. I learnt what my strengths are and Karen gave me some great strategies to work on the areas that don’t come so easily to me.

What are you doing differently now as a result of the Confidence Coaching package?

We only completed the package a few weeks ago but I feel that the knowledge is all there waiting to be used!

How has your confidence changed since the Confidence Coaching package?

I am more aware of my body language now, in all situations and have even started to be more aware of other people’s!

How do you plan to use what you have learnt in your business?

I doubt whether I will be offering myself up to speak in front of 200 people any time soon but now I will go to every new client meeting with much more awareness of who I am and with a voice telling me “You’ve got this Kate!”

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