#InstaBizGirls is back for 2020!  It’s a month-long challenge and is aimed at business owners.  The game plan is that you get to create a bunch of content every day that will enable you to shout out about YOU and YOUR business! It gives people watching an insight into who you are, what makes you and your business tick and what your passions are.  We want to get to know more about you.  We want to feel we know your business better.  That is what this is all about!  Stick with the challenge if you can!

The challenge begins on 1st April and finishes on 30th April.  Some of the prompts have changed from last year to mix it up a bit.  The challenge is open to absolutely everyone.  Tag all of your posts with the hashtag #InstaBizGirls to join in the fun.

Here’s the list of daily prompts with a brief explanation of what you could include for each theme.

Date | Theme

  1. Me – Let’s see YOU.  The person behind the business. Post a photo of you. Tell us about YOU.
  2. My why – WHY do you do run a small business? WHY did you set it up? Let’s see your WHY.
  3. My business launch date – When did you launch your business? Are you a newbie or an oldie.
  4. My logo – Share your logo and brand.  Is there a story behind it?
  5. My location (geography) – Where do you operate your business from? Where in the country or world are you? Let’s see where you are from.
  6. My testimonial – share a customer testimonial with us. It could be a quote or a video from one of your customers or a screenshot of a testimonial they left on one of your social channels. Be creative!
  7. My workspace – We would love to see where you work.  Doesn’t matter if it’s from your kitchen table or somewhere else.  Let’s see it!
  8. My routine – Share a part of your daily routine.  Give us an insight into your day.  Maybe you work all day or just a few hours to fit around childcare.  Maybe you go out for a walk in the morning.
  9. My customer – What does your typical customer avatar look like? Let’s be creative and visualise this! Draw them, doodle them, write a profile of them.
  10. My dream – Share your business dream with us. What’s your vision, mission – sum it all for us!
  11. My time off – What do you do when you take a day off.  Where do you go? What do you do? Who do you hang out with?
  12. My networking – Share an image with us that sums up a networking event you have attended recently.
  13. My achievement – Share something that you are proud of achieving in your business.  Can be a tiny step or a massive milestone.
  14. My self-care – What do you do to take care of yourself on a daily basis?
  15. My juggle – The juggle for most of us is real! What do you juggle on a daily basis? Children, house, work etc.
  16. My product or service – Share something that shows us whether you have a product or service.  Easier for product businesses.  Service driven businesses – can be creative!
  17. My boomerang – get creative on boomerang! Share something about your business.
  18. My Inspiration – Who or what inspires you to keep going if you are having a rough day?
  19. My story – share something about your story.  How did you get here? Why are you doing what you are doing? What motivates you to do what you do?
  20. My tribe – Who are your tribe? Who are your go-to people when the going gets tough? Who are the people that support you?
  21. My top tip – Share a helpful tip that might help somebody else.  Could be something that relates to what you sell or could be something you have learnt along the way.
  22. My behind the scenes – Gives us an insight into what you do to create a product or how you plan to deliver your service or share something you are working on today.
  23. My USP – What’s your USP? Why should somebody buy something from you?
  24. My video – Share a video about you or your business.  Any video!
  25. My gratitude – What are you thankful for today? Practising gratitude is an important part of life and business.
  26. My quote – What’s your favourite inspirational quote that you refer back to time and time again.
  27. My industry – tell us something about the industry you work in.
  28. My learning – What’s the biggest thing you have learnt about running a business? Share it with us. It might help somebody else.
  29. My love – What do you love the most about your business? What is the single biggest thing you absolutely LOVE and inspires you, drives you to keep going.
  30. My business – Sum up in one post – YOUR business.

There will be expert sessions on all things Instagram in the member’s group in March to help make the most of the challenge.  If you would like to join those sessions, please join here.  It’s just a tenner a month and you can join for March only! There is no contract, tie-in or minimum term.

ANYBODY can take part in the challenge.  You don’t have to join the member’s group, you can still participate!

Most of all have fun with it and make sure you include the hashtag #InstaBizGirls AND include #BizGirlsNetwork if you are feeling kind.


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