As a mother and a business owner, I am guilty of not always feeling like the most professional business owner out there! Some times things do get in the way.  I’ve spent almost 28 years raising three children, one of whom has special needs and I often feel that I am winging it.  In fact some days with the things I deal with, I am definitely winging it!

I kind of always thought the goal was to look and feel like a very polished businesswoman, somebody who is perceived to be at the top of their game. This is what I think the world thinks it is like.  The reality is very different.  The real world of motherhood and entrepreneurship aren’t often shown together.  For some crazy reason, mothers are made to believe that being a mother, absolutely removes any chance of looking like a successful business owner.  This is just not true.  I believe this myth is changing.  So many women are made to choose between staying at home or going back to work.  If you are one of those that decided you want both, it’s all too easy to compare yourself with what we see around us.  With the ever-present social channels being responsible for giving you a good dose of comparisonitus to boot. It’s very easy to think that other women have it all and they are making it look easy.  Their social feeds are full of amazing success stories, well-written posts, beautiful graphics and a sense that they are keeping it all together.  The reality is, they probably don’t have it all and there are days when they are winging it just like you.

It’s easy to feel like you are a fake business woman because you are juggling so many different balls. We should all feel proud of what we are trying to achieve.  We shouldn’t have to hide the fact that things aren’t always perfect, professional and polished.  Success doesn’t have to be about shiny and polished.  Success can be found by merging motherhood and business and managing both as gracefully as possible. It really doesn’t always have to be perfect.

Mothers should be really proud of the fact they are raising children and building a business.  Working tireless and endless hours to make their business viable.

The main reason I work for myself is to have flexibility and control over the working hours so I can be there for my children.  I also strongly believe that being a mother has given me skills that can’t be taught.  I am the master of multi-tasking, time-management, forming relationships and above all keeping calm under pressure.  There are many more things in between!

I believe we are seeing an entrepreneurial shift, and women with children are at the forefront of this.  Technology now means it’s never been easier to set up your own business online and to abandon the restrictions of a 9-5 job and embrace entrepreneurship.  That said, running a business is a huge undertaking and not quite as easy to keep at it when the going gets tough.

Out of everything I have ever done without exception, being a mother is my greatest accomplishment.  Nothing will ever come close.  Running a business isn’t easy whether you are a mother or not.  I write my own rules on what motherhood and entrepreneurship look like, to me, nobody else.  Last time I checked, mothers who work from home are absolutely smashing it. This year has been a tough one as a mother for me with my son being very ill in hospital.  Despite this, I have cracked on and I’m proud of all I have achieved.  I hope you are proud of all your achievements.  Remember to pat yourself on the back for even the tiniest of wins.  They all matter.

To all the mums out there who have decided to start their own business, OWN IT. Every single bit of it.  Motherhood and entrepreneurship.  School runs and spreadsheets.  Sick children and social media planning.  Sleepless nights and sales.  Here’s to the mums who raise businesses and children!

Here’s to all the women out there, who have lost their children.  Here’s to all those that have lost mothers.  Here’s to all those with strained relationships with their mothers.  Here’s to those who have chosen not to be mothers.  Here’s to all those yearning to be mothers. You all rock!

Happy Mothers Day.

Love and big respect to you all.

Amanda x

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