In today’s world, everyone on social media is doing or has done something extraordinary. Run marathons, ultra-marathons, swum the English Channel, climbed mountains or lost 20 stone in weight etc, and maybe you’re feeling its hard just to get motivated to go out for a walk and not eat that packet of crisps that you look forward to in the evening………if this resonates with you, read on.

Comparing yourself to others will often leave you feeling low, despondent, in fact unwilling to make any effort to change at all. You may not have a wish to run a marathon or lose 20 stone. Your goals are your own but, sometimes we see our own goals as insignificant, compared to the mammoth ones we see others fulfilling. “I can barely run for the train, so what is the point in trying – I’m no runner” or “I’m not fitting into my jeans – I feel miserable but what can I do – I’ll never be the same as 20 years ago – I’ll cheer myself up with a good movie and my favourite treat!”

Here is the never-ending circle, the chain of events that just keep repeating themselves. You want to be fitter or maybe healthier etc. You know you do because you think about it often. The trouble is – it’s not going to happen until you make a change, stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy but once you decide it’s time to start then you’ve taken that first step!

This is your start! It’s all about YOU. Small steps lead to bigger steps which in turn leads to confidence in your ability to continue and to reach your goals.

Put it in the diary, written down like other events you put in your diary. This means you have time to do it. You have cleared space for it. If it’s exercise (I choose this as it is what most of my clients are looking to achieve) and you haven’t done much before – start with a walk (somewhere pretty). Walk as briskly as you can – don’t look at your phone or listen to music (turn it off just as you would in a meeting, this is your “me time”). Look at the view, what is going on around you. Listen, smell the air and acknowledge to yourself that you have made a start on your own journey, to where you want to go.

When you return – take a moment to acknowledge how you feel before, you get stuck in to your regular chores/e-mails etc. Ensure, your next “me time” is in the diary and then continue with your day, knowing that you have started on your own journey of becoming an Extraordinary You.

Caroline Sellers


Amanda Ayres

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