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The Female Networking Association (formerly The Business Girls Network) was founded by Amanda Ayres and launched in February 2014. The community is focused on making connections, visibility, growth and collaboration. Amanda has an unfaltering passion for connecting women together.

Amanda has a wealth of experience in running networking events. There are over 4000+ women in the community. Amanda has hosted hundreds of events, many of which have been sell-out events and over 3,000 women have attended. Many businesses are thriving and growing because of the support of the community.

Networking is key to business owners looking to grow. Amanda’s mission is to educate female business owners on the power of making connections and to encourage business owners who have never networked before to give it a go!

Over the six years, Amanda has seen and felt the power of making connections and networking in action.  She knows that businesses thrive and grow when relationships are built with deep, genuine, authentic connections.

The Female Networking Associations goal is to provide ALL female business owners with a community to build their own network. To create a community a community of female business owners who share the same values as Amanda:


  • Building deep authentic connections.
  • Providing opportunities to increase visibility.
  • Encouraging the ethos of collaborating and not competing.
  • Providing an eco-system of support where giving more than taking is the norm.
  • Encouraging women to learn from each other.

There is no membership fee to join. Just a desire to get involved with the community ethos and values and make connections!

Here’s what you get:

Access to all networking events

  • Open format online networking sessions.
  • Speaker plus online networking sessions.

Find out the current schedule here.

Access to a FREE Facebook Group

This is the place where Amanda will show you, teach you and encourage you to build deep connections with the women in the community without any hard selling.  The community of 4000+ women is highly active and engaged. Join the community here.

  • The place to surround yourself with like-minded women
  • A real sense of community spirit where you can build REAL relationships with other women.
  • Learn from others.
  • The place where support comes as standard and reciprocity become your middle name.
  • Collaboration and NOT competition is the name of the game. We don’t restrict business types because of this.

The community isn’t for you if you are:

  • Into the hard & quick sell.
  • Into pitching or thinly veiled promos
  • Into dropping links and running.
  • Not very willing to support others.

Access to a NEW FNA Business Directory is now live. You can register here.

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