The Golden Ball

2 Golden Ball Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 6NW

Maidenhead, England, GB, SL6 6NW


Feeling like a fraud? Guess what – we all suffer with this!


Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments.


Suzanne from Suzanne Mountrain Navigating Change will be interviewing Business Girls founder Amanda Ayres about imposter syndrome.


It’s important we understand how to recognise the signs and Suzanne will be giving us some practical steps that can put in to action so that you can regain your confidence and overcome the fear of being found out.


0915 – 0930 – Arrive and Registration

0930 – 1000 – Welcome and Introductions

1000 – 1015 – Business Girl Spotlight

1015 – 1045 – Suzanne Mountain, Life & Confidence Coach interviews Amanda Ayres

1045 – 1130 – Networking

About Suzanne:


Suzanne is a professional coach with over 20 years & a Chartered Fellow of Institute of Personnel & Development. After a successful corporate career, she set up her own coaching & consulting practice. Like many people, she has struggled with inner gremlins for most of her adult life, through life experience, hard work and studying, Suzanne learnt many lessons and tactics to silence them (most of the time anyway!). She enjoys supporting others to lead the lives they deserve with self confidence and resilience.



When women connect, a transformation happens.  We encourage women with different backgrounds, different businesses and at different stages of their business to join in.  You never know who you are talking to and how they might be able to help you or ineed might know someone who can.   We believe you can all help each from waitress to high flying CMO.  We need to work together to change the perception of how we really do business.  We can learn and support each other in the process.

Amanda Ayres

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