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How To Become a More Confident Networker Workshop

With Amanda Ayres, Founder of The Business Girls Network and Karen Hewitt, Confidence and Public Speaking Expert

The number two fear in the UK is public speaking.   As many as 75% of people suffer with this.  Combine this with the pressure of a one-minute elevator pitch and it’s no wonder we end up with sweaty palms!

This is a very practical and hands on workshop, to help you overcome your fear of networking.  Networking is a fantastic way to build long-term business relationships.  Many people are not natural networkers and dread the thought of attending a networking event.  

  • Are you petrified at the thought of networking?

  • Would you like to find networking easier?

  • Do you struggle to make the most of networking events?

  • Does this fear stop you from booking into a networking event?

Amanda Ayres, founder of award-winning network, The Business Girls Network will be running this four hour workshop to help you overcome your fear of networking.  Karen Hewitt, Confidence and Public Speaking expert will be joining the workshop to help you structure your Elevator pitch.  Networking should be fun, interesting and if you are in it for the long run, will be amazing for your business.

This workshop will be highly-interactive and you will enjoy it.  We promise! You will get clear value on the benefits of networking.  We will even talk about that horrible moment when you first walk into a room full of strangers!

You will leave feeling more confident, comfortable and with your elevator pitch ready!

What will we do?

  • Get clear on the purpose of networking.  It’s not about making money.  It’s learning that you need to connect with people.

  • Learn useful techniques to make the most from different kinds of networking events

  • Learn how to create your “personal elevator speech”  during a one hour session with Karen Hewitt

  • Learn how to engage every person in the room and deliver your pitch with the three C’s – confidence, calmness and credibility

  • Learn to present with confident body language

  • Help you practice, practice, practice!

Where and when?

  • Boardroom, The Sanctum on The Green, 10am to 2pm

  • The last Friday every other month

  • Unlimied tea and filter coffee, mid morning pastry, buffet style lunch to include sandwiches, salad and fruit juices included

What does it cost?

Tickets cost £69 for paid Business Girl members and £79 for non-members.

This workshop will be limited to a small group, to enable you to have informal chats, get to know each other and your businesses and to learn how to network in an informal, stress-free environment.  We will brainstorm ideas for you to network more effectively.  At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to present what you have learnt to the group and network freely.  This workshop is designed to help you build your confidence in a networking environment especially if you are a small business owner. 

Your ability to connect, influence and build strong and long term relationships is criticial to your business growth.

You will leave the workshop able to:

  • Overcome networking nerves, stress and anxieties 

  • Make a powerful, positive and punchy impression 

  • Find your own authentic networking style

  • Become interested in others and make them interested in you 

  • Work a room effectively and confidently 

  • Follow-up, forge links, friendships, and create opportunities 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who feels nervous or loathes networking

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing Amanda on

About Karen Hewitt


Karen Jay Hewitt is a personal influence consultant.  She coaches, speaks and writes regularly on this topic and its sub-topics of authenticity, leadership, personal charisma, language for influence and cross-cultural communication.  Her teachings enable her clients to be more influential, successful and flexible in their communication.  Her thinking inspires people of all ages, cultures and nationalities; and her techniques have relevance in all spheres of life.


A unique blend of career choices, academic study, global travel and sporting challenges have made Karen an advocate for authenticity and leadership through differences and diversity.  Karen has travelled extensively over the last twenty-five years, and has been a Publishing Manager, a Marketing Director, a salsa teacher, a simultaneous conference interpreter for the United Nations and a Leadership Coach and Behavioural Safety specialist, although not all at the same time.


Karen has completed university study every decade, plus additional professional qualifications. She is fluent in five languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese – and is a master of language for transformation and change.  Karen first became aware of the power of language when she worked in marketing and communications, and then even more so when she retrained as a simultaneous conference interpreter and worked at the United Nations in Vienna.


It was only when Karen was introduced to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in 2011, though, that she realised the power of language to create influence and change and became passionate about linguistics.  Karen is now a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.



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