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I’m Amanda Ayres.  I have an extensive marketing background including 10 years in the corporate marketing world before I escaped into the entrepreneurial world. I have almost 30 years of marketing experience across many different industries and channels. I am also the founder of the Female Networking Association (formerly The Business Girls Network) and proud to have built an award-winning online and offline community for female business owners from scratch. There are over 4000+ women in the community. I have hosted hundreds of events, many of which have been sell-out events and over 3,000 women have attended. Many businesses are thriving and growing because of the support of the community.  I’m a community builder, a content creator and passionate about lots of different things.

Now I’m excited to be undergoing a rebrand to reflect all the different strings to my bow.  The newly renamed community is very much alive and kicking and I’m excited to see where things take me next.  Despite being at the helm of a community, I don’t like being in the public eye and I’m a shy person by nature.  I am passionate about helping women and communities to connect with each other and grow.

I have two daughters and an adult autistic son so life can sometimes be complex and challenging. I am a huge advocate for all things Mental Health. I also have a penchant for good food and a gin and tonic! I am going to be writing about the things that I am passionate about including life, love, business and everything in between! Watch this space to see how the next part of my journey unfolds! I’m a real woman. What you see is what you get. I experience real problems and the reality of day-to-day life.

Thanks for reading and I hope to connect with you soon!


Amanda x

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